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Write from the soul, not from some notion what you think the marketplace wants. The market is fickle; the soul is eternal.
-- Jeffrey A. Carver


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Would You Pay Monthly to Protect Freedom?


As you know, I support Dave Funk for congress. He's running against Leonard Boswell, who pays more attention to Nancy Pelosi than to those of us here in Iowa.

What's it worth to fire Boswell?

Whether you live in Iowa or not, you can reduce Nancy Pelosi's influence, and here's how:

You can make a monthly contribution to Dave's campaign.

If you don't like the direction our country is going, then sign up to make a recurring donation, at $10 or $20 or even $50 a month. All of us pay monthly for things like Netflix and cell phones... what would you pay monthly to protect your freedom?


by Brett Rogers, 9/30/2009 9:57:03 AM


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