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Talking with Chuck Grassley


I sent what follows to my grassroots email distribution list earlier today:

I just got off the phone with Sen. Chuck Grassley. We spoke for about 40 minutes.

If I can share one thing with you that was most evident to me in the phone call, it was this: he wants to hear our opinion and represent us. After watching how he listened at the town halls he conducted on health care over the summer recess, I believe that's true. He doesn't support government intervention into health care. There was a noticeable difference in his choice of words after those town halls. You helped to bring that about by getting involved and voicing your opinion in no uncertain terms.

The purpose of my call, which was scheduled by his staff, was to see if the senator was willing to more directly engage with those of us in the grassroots. After the discussion, I believe he is. My impression (not his wording) is that he is tired of his message getting screened and twisted by the Des Moines Register and CNN. He has more direct communication through his web site. He uses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and such. He holds a monthly telephone town hall and of course is well-known for his visit to Iowa counties every year.

Personally, I never knew about all of his efforts to more directly communicate with us. And prior to six months ago, I'd never really tried to tell him my opinion. I just took it for granted that he would represent "conservatism." As I told him, shame on me for not working to get engaged until this year. But I'm engaged now. Like you, I want to restore America to liberty and I'm interested in supporting politicians who will work with me in that effort.

If I work to influence his vote, and he ignores me - a la Leonard Boswell - that's one thing. But if I don't reach out to him, then I'm not giving him the opportunity to represent me.

We owe him our voiced opinion. He owes us representation. That's the deal.

On his web site, he has a contact form. He said that this year's volume of communication is much, much higher than in years past. Even though he is backed up, he says that he still wants your input.

There is a local contact in his organization that he provided me. I hope to have a meeting with that person in the next few weeks. In this way, the grassroots of Iowa might more directly communicate with the senator and increase our influence.

Lastly, I told him that I am most concerned about curbs being placed on our liberty and federal increases in our nation's debt. I look forward to seeing how Senator Grassley will better promote and legislate on those issues. At least now he knows my opinion to help steer his decisions.


Have you reached out to your elected representatives to make sure that they are clear about where you stand?


by Brett Rogers, 10/6/2009 7:03:33 PM


Very, very impressive all the way around. 40 minutes with a United States Senator who actually listens and engages. That is fantastic.

My former co-workers and I regularly contact Schumer's office. To date we haven't been able to get more than a canned response (no surprise there). Time to start leaning on Gillibrand.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/7/2009 3:37:37 PM

I've had more a few one-sided "discussions" with the cantankerous wingnut myself--and I've spent more than 40 minutes at it. Perhaps twisting reality, stoking discontent, propagating fear, perpetuating lies, and generally obstructing social progress are consistent with the GOP playbook. Most Americans with a critical mind see it for what it isand we are amused at how these GOP stalwarts shoot themselves and their party in the foot every time they open their word holes.

Clearly, Chuck Grassley is competing with Steve King for "Iowa Wingnut of the Year" award. Apparently, he's earned your vote.




Posted by M. Schaeffer, 10/9/2009 10:02:39 PM

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