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Well, America failed its IQ test. Time to get out of debt and go Galt.

At least Canada likes business and oil and gas.

ETC: I was gonna write a longer post, but what this guy said:

Good hardworking people should give up and go Galt. The tipping point is the 2012 election. Will the makers finally succumb to the takers? It's pointless to think that if America reelects the most unqualified disastrous president in recent memory, we should stand our ground and continue fighting. it's a signal that marxist free-lunchism and free birth control for everyone trump economic well-being and prosperity in the minds of the masses. Give up. Go Galt. Protect what few assets you have left, and start to hunker down for the coming storm. America is beyond screwed, well past the fiscal insanity of a number of EU countries. Think of it this way - we sit and watch California destroy itself and wonder who could be so foolish as to remain there and dedicate himself to indentured servitude in a state headed for disaster. Why don't those fools just leave!! Same for Venezuela. as they descend into chaos and totalitarianism, do they reject Chavez more? The answer is plainly no. The spiral down the drain is irreversible and obvious. The more the government creates misery, the more they create programs to help people cope with the misery they've created, and we achieve a perpetual negative feedback loop. My advice is simple - if Obama is reelected, get a lawyer and a financial advisor, cash out as much of your assets as you can, and prepare yourself for a nosedive off a cliff. anything else would be imprudent and irresponsible to yourself and your dependents. Who wants to be a Dagny Taggart dedicating themselves to a life of indentured servitude trying to correct the wrongs of a heavy handed government? I will not be volunteering. I didn't give up on America, America gave up on me.
It's time.

MORE ETC: Anecdotal, but I'm hearing it from many I know personally and reading it from others:

For what it's worth, as a portent of what we can expect from "job creators" under a second obama administration, I'll share this with you.

One of my clients is a smallish electronics firm. They employ about 62 full time employees (I think that's the number.)

This company is engaged in a relatively new business model and it's very competitive and quite difficult (at this time) to achieve margins greater than 4 to 8%

With expansion (which was definitely on the table prior to this election) the org was looking at bringing on another 10 to 15 employees over the next year and investing several million in new equipment and facilities.

With obama's reelection and the looming inevitability of the full implementation of obamacare as well as some other fed regs, a significant number of those employees will be given pink slips prior to Jan1.


by Brett Rogers, 11/6/2012 11:13:57 PM


I'm sad about Obama's victory. I know you were hoping it would be different!



Posted by Anonymous, 11/7/2012 7:24:47 AM

As I always say, if you're going to get kicked, just point yourself in the right direction first.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 11/7/2012 7:40:04 AM

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