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Baby Steps


Success... I was able to add a greeting card to my shopping cart. A couple of fields of bad data, but the order was created and the items were added.


  • Fix the glitches that exist in adding a greeting card (done with this one...)
  • Update all of the pages to work with the shopping cart (done, 1/21/2006)
  • Create the frame page to add a frame, without a card (done, 1/24/2006)
  • Add the ability to view the cart (done, 1/22/2006)
  • Provide the ability to edit the cart (done, 1/23/2006)
I'm thinking all of that should be finished by sometime in the middle of next week.

Then it's order processing and order management (viewing past orders, duplicating a previous order, etc) the following week.

I'm still on track to have the site done by the end of January. Yayy!!


by Brett Rogers, 1/19/2006 11:22:15 PM


Niche market idea---baby cards for parents of twins. (Woman at work just had them...NO CARDS TO BE FOUND FREAKIN' ANYWHERE!) All about "congratulations on your BABY". Or just pink, or just blue---not BOTH!

Just a Friday morning thought. :-)



Posted by Bella, 1/20/2006 9:24:03 AM

Good one! I also hear that good sympathy cards are hard to find. I'm collecting as fast as I can!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 1/20/2006 9:57:06 AM

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