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Shopping Cart!


The shopping cart can now display:

The links on the cart page and the Update Cart button don't work yet; that's tonight's work. But I'm closer!

I've never built a shopping cart for a web site before, and having gone through the exercise with the customization that I wanted for my purposes, I can't imagine the frustration of being a web vendor and dealing with these things without a technical background. It has to often be a case of the technology defining business for them, rather than business defining the technology. I needed bundled items, and wanted a way to offset those to make it apparent that the items were "child items." The quantity of those items shouldn't be adjusted since each is a single-quantity item packaged with the card, and the shopper shouldn't be able to click into those items to edit them, but rather should click into the parent item to edit.

Could I have achieved that with a third-party shopping cart? Nope. Had to build my own. And that's my point... I defined my own technology and didn't have to change the way that I wanted to do business to get my store online.

I have 9 days to finish the web site since my self-imposed deadline is "web site in January." So I keep showing up to do my job and work to get it done.

For what it's worth, I still haven't figured out how I'll handle the calculation of shipping, but I expect that the logic of that will emerge as I work through scenarios on the site. Each thing in its own time...


by Brett Rogers, 1/22/2006 11:01:36 AM


Looking good! I like the look of the whole site, the shadowing and the colors. You'll get there and can't wait to see the cards out to purchase!



Posted by Anonymous, 1/22/2006 3:09:07 PM

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