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Green Jobs or Snow Job?


Barack Obama makes the oft-repeated claim that he will create 5 million jobs via pursuit of green technology. He elaborated in the town hall debate that this is parallel to the Internet and how it and the personal computer created the boom of the 90's.

I know that "green technology" and "information technology" both have the word "technology" in them, but the similarity stops there.

Prior to the personal computer, people worked with pencil and paper.

Prior to the Internet, people shared information via the phone and postal mail.

It's really easy to see why the computer and the Internet propelled the economy - they increased productivity. These technologies allowed us to be faster, smarter, more connected.

How does green technology increase productivity? Will you be faster? Smarter? More connected to others?

The electricity you get today will be no different than the electricity you get from, say, nuclear or wind or whatever... green technology doesn't boost anyone's productivity. If anything, it might be more expensive just as some green products and organic foods are more expensive.

Here's a clear example of how his silly assertion has no foundation: Citibank won't hire an army of green technologists like they hire an army of information technologists.

So what jobs does he think this will create in a way that will parallel the 90's tech boom?

Obama is an economic simpleton who is going to throw the government at every problem he faces, which will decline productivity and reduce our economy.

And because he makes excuses left and right, everything will either be the fault of business or Bush or the Republicans. Or us, the people, because we're not doing what he wants us to do.

I really hope America sees through the sham that is hopenchange.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 10/11/2008 8:45:56 AM


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