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Whether we are describing a king, an assassin, a thief, an honest man, a prostitute, a nun, a young girl, or a stallholder in a market, it is always ourselves that we are describing.
-- Guy De Maupassant


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Interview with dsmBUZZ


Last week, I sat down with Sherry Borzo of dsmBUZZ and she interviewed me. How cool is that? You can listen to it here.

Sherry's a good interviewer and very kind, and better - she's got some really good ideas with which she's moving forward and it's pretty exciting to ask her what she's up to. We had a great conversation.


by Brett Rogers, 1/8/2008 1:13:34 PM


Enjoyed this immensely! Nice to actually hear your voice instead of just reading your thoughts. Sherry does do a great job! :)



Posted by Chris, 1/11/2008 10:26:47 AM

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