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The Replacements


There is such a lack of leadership in Washington that today I wish the whole lot would be replaced. Every one of them. Watching people play petty politics, watching the media play PR consultancy for the Dems... there's no accountability, no reckoning. There's no fear of us, the people.

A while back I wrote a post entitled Cruel Parents for which I got villified because I suggested that parents who support big government don't care about the futures of their kids. As we're about to be stuck with the huge bailout bill and as we're apparently going to elect a president who wants massive new government programs and wants to tax businesses and the successful in life when our economc future is uncertain, only one thing is certain: our kids will be stuck with the bill, just as we're being stuck today with the bill for government actions taken long ago. Who would willingly do that?

In this election, I'm pretty close to voting for the replacements. I might just write in Mitt Romney. McCain, for all his good will toward America, is proving, as he proved in the primaries, that he doesn't have a sense of charisma, timing, or attractiveness. If it wasn't for Sarah Palin, he'd be 15 points down in every poll. He can't seem to beat a domestic-terrorist-befriending, critic-silencing, graft-taking, corrupt, smooth-talking politician. How weak is that? And how dumb are we, that collective America has bought into this sham called Hope?

Here's a challenge: think of five politicians you admire and esteem. Heck, I'll even spot you two. Name three. I can't.

They should all be given their walking papers.

ETC: I had a thought about this, and it's an unfortunate thought. But consider:

John McCain is a hero. No doubt about that, unless you're NBC. People partially equate his rightly-deserved heroism with his years of torture while in service to America.

Thankfully, that time for him in Hanoi is over. I would have thought that having lived through that, he would not hesitate to fight communism and tyranny with everything he has in him so that no one else has to endure what he endured.

But it's not in him. He won't do it. He sees the threat of Putin, but not of Obama. He's too worried about being a gentleman Senator.

My definition of a hero: someone with the stones to say and do what needs to be said to help others, within the confines of the truth and the law.

McCain isn't doing that. He is, currently, allowing the media to beat up him and his running mate. The Senate tonight will pass a bill that takes up for those who brought us to this financial mess. And this crisis was brought to us in large part by Democrats, who fought against tighter accounting and regulation that Republicans proposed.

McCain is not fighting for us as he ought. It appears that he's passively letting us get fleeced and snowed by the Obama media machine.

So my enthusiam, higher a few weeks back, is greatly diminished.

I don't want cutesy, clever ads from McCain. I want the truth. Straight talk. In ads where he's talking to us and spilling it. I want the media brought to task. I want Obama's vetting.

Actions, not words.

MORE ETC: Tamara reminds me that this is not just McCain's fight, but ours. I agree.

I have a post cookin' about that one of these days.


by Brett Rogers, 10/1/2008 8:53:13 AM


I totally agree about McCain. I'm supposed to make calls tonight and I hope I'm a good phone actress. I already voted via absentee ballot with Casey looking over my shoulder. He really thought I'd vote 3rd party or write in. In the end I caved and voted for McCain which was really a vote against hype and for Palin. That said, I did vote libertarian and do some write ins for local offices.

I still admire and esteem Ron Paul.



Posted by Annette (, 10/1/2008 11:37:53 AM

In the end, I'm sure I'll vote for McCain as well. But holy smokes, Rush is right - this is a referendum on Obama.

Pardon my morning snit...

As an aside, I heard that Bill is actively campaigning for Obama now. That ups the possibility of Hillary replacing Biden by about twice.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/1/2008 6:21:47 PM

Both McCain and Palin need to pull a Reagan. F*** the media and start talking directly to the public. I loved the clips of Palin interacting with the public in Philly last weekend (especially the guy who handed her the phone - I laughed my ass off). They won't get a fair shake from the MSM so don't waste the time or energy. Add Katie Couric to the Charlie Gibson ass clown list. She can go after Palin for specifics but can't even challenge Biden on his tremendous gaffe of FDR, televisions, and the depression. Thursday we can deal with a moderator who failed to disclose she is writing a book with Obama's name on the cover. I am beyond disgusted with the MSM.

Embrace technology. Start posting daily on the web and let the messages go viral. F*** the media.

I saw that Clinton clip actively campaigning for Barry and was quite surprised. If Palin does well tomorrow and McCain gains traction I'd put money on it that Hillary ends up on the ticket early next week. You may be right my friend.

And the senate passes their version of the bailout. We were incompetent before, aren't fixing the core problem, but give us another 700 billion and even though we don't know if it will work, you should trust us as the economy is doomed without it. &*^%$%&& *&&^%%$%$ &^)*&#$^.

I'm going to need another scotch if I'm going to sleep tonight.



Posted by Pale Rider, 10/1/2008 11:05:08 PM

I can't agree more!



Posted by Kevin Barber (, 10/2/2008 11:55:04 AM

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