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Whew - Back!

It turns out that a cable in a box about 1/2 mile from where I live was bad, but it's been fixed, so we have good Internet connection again. And Qwest gave me a $20 refund on my Internet service, so all is well.

While my connection was down, I read some. My daughter hogged my desk, though, so no painting. She had a lot of project work to do for classes. She has 4 days of high school left. That's a mind blower.

Here she is on her first day of kindergarten:

That was a long time ago.

We watched Everwood last night, as we do every Monday. Interestingly, the main characters graduated from high school last night. Thinking of Bari in her cap and gown got me choked up.

And I'm now in my third day of being white sugar free. No more Snapple (there goes my product endorsement), no more soda, which I didn't drink much anyway... all for the best. I'm changing my diet as well. My morning is an orange-banana smoothie. (Oranges are 99 a pound, and bananas are 49 a pound. It doesn't get much cheaper than that. And did I mention that I love my juicer?) Lunches are standard sandwich and carrot fare, or a salad. Dinners are meat and veggies. If I feel like eating at night, I have another orange-banana smoothie. It's filling, and good for me.

Once I make it through a week or so of sugar-free-ness, I'll work on my portion sizes. Which should reduce my size.

In the past, I've lost weight by only doing two things: dropping white sugar and walking daily. That's all I've needed to do. To write that seems so simple. Perhaps it is and I just get distracted with other stupid habits. My foot is still broken, but with the inserts I walk okay. Losing weight will probably help my foot heal more quickly, with less weight on it.

I'll find a scale and track my progress.

Historically, January 1st has been the start of resolutions for people. But I think that's a stupid time to try to change habits. April 1st or May 1st makes much more sense. Most habits that need breaking require some sort of exercise or activity, and January 1st is smack dab in the middle of winter. To make a habit change in the full swing of spring is far more sensible. Anyone care to second the motion? All in favor say "Aye..."

Tags: bari | health | my life
by Brett Rogers, 5/17/2005 8:19:45 AM


Aye! And YAY! Glad to see you back.

And cutting white sugar out of your diet SOUNDS easy. Tell yourself it's easy when you get cranky, if you haven't already been cranky, and give yourself credit where it is due! It's a good thing, so congratulations on making it three days! Remember that there will come a day when that smoothie tastes like candy to you. That was the best thing for me...when a baked sweet potato (without marshmallows :->) is as good as chocolate, you will know you have made it!

Cute kid, by the way. Way to go, Dad---you got her through! Only got the rest of your lives to go. :-)

Posted by Bella, 5/17/2005 11:10:26 AM

Wow, seeing her Kindergarten pic makes me cry. Only 4 days left???? That can't be possible. I'll miss her so much. I'm glad that we are going out to dinner on Wed. I'll miss our "girl talk"

Oh and "AYE"!!!

Posted by Anonymous, 5/17/2005 12:28:05 PM


Good for you. It's nice to see you so determined.

My 39th birthday is coming up and I'm determined as well to lose a good 80 lbs before my 40th. And seeing as I just sprained my ankle and it's been hell for almost a week now, my body will thank me as well.

Posted by Just browsing, 5/17/2005 5:00:59 PM

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