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Obama's Modus Operandi


I've figured out Barack Obama. I get it. Completely. Read this through thoroughly. I'll let this post stay on top for a while.

In March, before he took over GM and Chrysler, I said in a post entitled The President's President that Barack Obama saw himself as the president of all private companies.

I'm sure I've been dense, but it just occurred to me why Obama thinks he can tell companies how to run their business, whether they took government money or not.

He's thinks that being president of the United States makes him the president of the president of any company. He's the boss' boss, in his mind.

That's key. Your company's org chart is incomplete, as drawn today. If you own the company or if you are CEO, you report to Barack Obama. You have to justify your stewardship of the company to him, from operations to salary.

With every crisis that he encounters, he will grab more power for himself.

So why does he appease and apologize to our enemies? To allow the crisis to happen.

Why doesn't he do anything to stave more expensive oil? To allow the crisis to happen.

Barack Obama is determinedly not pro-active. He's going to allow crises to happen. The more, the merrier.

Because each time a crisis happens, he'll grab more power. Which makes him predictable.

When oil gets above $100 a barrel, he'll use that crisis to nationalize oil and force us to GM vehicles. Why explore more oil? That would alleviate prices.

When North Korea and Iran happen to Israel or the United States, he'll use that crisis to absorb more power for himself. Why act to stop them now?

Modus Operandi: He wants as many crises as possible to happen.

I'm also convinced that he is using the office of the presidency to run for world leader. By kissing everyone's ass worldwide, he's working to set himself up the next rung of his intended ladder. So many countries will credit him with taking the US down several pegs. And he will begin to set us under international rule to control the US - and other nations - when he achieves his goal.

In a short five months, he's accomplished a good step toward this, but no one thinks that he is headed in the direction I describe. His followers certainly don't. But that's what he's doing. And by allowing the crises to happen, he won't have any accountability. He won't be directly culpable.

He wants bad things to happen. As many as possible. It's good for him and his goals.


by Brett Rogers, 6/6/2009 12:25:02 PM


The American Thinker predicted he'd do this (it's a variation on the Cloward-Piven strategy) back in September, before he was elected. I figured it out in February or March and sent emails to Glenn Beck and others. Glenn Beck started moving toward this conclusion shortly afterward. I don't know or care if I had anything to do with that, I'm just glad he started exposing it.

It's all about manufactured crisis in order to seize power. I hope enough people catch on so we can stop him.



Posted by Daggett, 9/23/2009 3:36:10 PM

I certainly wasn't the first, by any stretch. I saw lots of things, but it really hit me hard earlier in the summer. Watching his anti-American actions continue to roll, I'm repulsed.

Like you, glad to see it all getting exposure. The more of us see it and speak out, the more likely others will see it and take action.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 9/23/2009 3:49:01 PM

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