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On the Passion Index, Obama swan dives to -12.

I'd say that he's about in the middle of that dive, mostly because people are figuring out that he really doesn't understand the economy. Wait till the foreclosure data begins anew. I'll write a post called "Tank" at that time.

You know what the sad part is? That the people who voted for him didn't realize that capitalism, for all its inequities (which are justified), is what's been making their lives better than it would have been otherwise.

Capitalism: as my life improves, it improves the lives of others.

Liberalism: to improve my life, I have to detract from the lives of others.

I don't think the Obamas will ever understand that truth. They're simply unwilling to see it. It goes against their every belief.


by Brett Rogers, 7/30/2009 11:16:33 AM


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