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Two Meetings


Yesterday, I met with both the Des Moines Tea Party folks and then with the brainstorming group. The pictures below are of the Sunday night brainstorming group.

The question at hand: how do we spotlight the good and the bad of our politicians' performance?

Sixteen people showed up for that last night. Interest to get involved continues to blossom, and unlike the left, we're not paying anyone to show up and get busy.

These folks are fighting for their freedom. That's all the incentive they need, just as it was all the incentive that was needed over 200 years ago.

The media and the politicians can't fathom that. Some citizens can't fathom that. I'll try to explain...

It boils down to this becoming a fight between those who believe that they have a right to confiscate the property of others (I'll call those folks thieves) and those who believe that they have a right to the property they earned in voluntary transactions with others (I'll call those folks workers).

It's not hard to imagine that the workers want to keep what they've earned. They not afraid to show up in public and fight for what they've earned, even if it takes time out of their lives to do so. This explains the high number of regular Americans at town halls.

It's also not hard to imagine that the thieves aren't many in number and are mostly embarrassed to show up in public demanding what they didn't earn. Most Americans aren't thieves.

And only a few of the thieves have rationalized their thievery to the point of actually being proud of it in public. This explains the low number of those fighting for their "right" to confiscate the property of others.

How this will end is predictable - the workers will rout the thieves. What's unknown is the time involved and the path to getting there. But since thieves don't like working and workers have no problem working, the workers will apply more effort and win, despite the thieves having some prominent players in positions of authority. The workers are greater in number and will work harder.


by Brett Rogers, 8/17/2009 9:44:02 AM


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