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Not Huckabee


I read that Mike Huckabee is gaining ground in the polls. Tamara met the governor and his wife at the Iowa Straw Poll that we attended. Mike Huckabee's wife said that she loved Tamara's skirt... (of course she did - my wife has excellent style)

But I can't vote for Mike Huckabee. For a few reasons...

Reason Number 1: The boy loves him his tax increases.

Reason Number 2: The boy is soft on criminals.

He urged the parole of a convicted rapist, who then left prison and raped and killed a woman. He regrets the decision now, and maybe it would influence him to not be soft, but c'mon...

Reason Number 3: The boy loves him illegal immigration.

When he was governor, Huckabee held the following positions on illegal immigration: He supported higher education benefits for children of illegal immigrants, opposed a federal roundup of illegals from his state in 2005, opposed a 2001 bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote in the state, and in 2001, a member of his administration pushed for legislation to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
Troubling, at best.

Reason Number 4: The boy relishes BIG government.

Under Governor Huckabee's watch, state spending increased a whopping 65.3% from 1996 to 2004, three times the rate of inflation (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07). The number of state government workers rose 20% during his tenure (Arkansas Leader 04/15/06), and the state's general obligation debt shot up by almost $1 billion...
And for all those very sound reasons, I can't get behind the guy. He's Jimmy Carter in Republican clothing. I don't think so.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 12/5/2007 8:55:00 AM


And to think he has Chuck Norris backing him. Although I have a hard time believing the "Walker, Texas Ranger" crowd would vote for him. :)

Seriously, he should be running on the Democratic ticket. He'd give Hillary and B. Hussein Obama a good run for the nomination.



Posted by Pale Rider, 12/5/2007 12:27:46 PM

Yeah, Chuck's stock took a deep dive with that endorsement. His legendary roundhouse kick now lands with a soft patter.





Posted by Brett Rogers (, 12/5/2007 10:13:31 PM

Check into your facts before making a decision. Huckabee NEVER raised income tax nor property tax in Arkansas, he raised consumption taxes-something he isn't shy about! He was elected with around a $200 million deficit and left with an $800 million surplus. He didn't urge the parole, people against him are over stating what happened; some "sources" are even saying he paroled the rapist?! The Governor has no control over the parole board. Is Mike perfect? Absolutely not but I feel he is the most balanced candidate we've got. The old GOP isn't what this country wants or needs; some changes are good!



Posted by Chad R., 12/9/2007 11:14:46 PM

What the Huck? Just google Mike Huckabee and Tax increase and the story is told. Any Republican who likes any type tax increases and bigger government should just switch parties. Bush fooled us all, so lets not let it happen again.

My message to ANY candidate is NO TAX INCREASE IS GOOD. You want to balance a budget then STOP GROWING THE DAMN GOVERNMENT. Reduce, stop trying to be big daddy to the entire country, the entire world. That is a change I would consider good.



Posted by Pale Rider, 12/10/2007 10:22:51 PM

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