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Red Vs. Blue


My son, Aaron, has been watching a lot of HALO videos lately. See, people with an XBox can employ a capture card and record their games.

Well, he's stumbled onto a very inventive group of videos that morph HALO into a comedy series.

The series is called "Red Vs. Blue." And this particular video struck me as very, very funny. It's 14 Mb, but very worth watching. It was created post-election, November 2004. (Just hit "Refresh" if your browser says "Service Unavailable...")

ETC: This kind of video emphasizes a point that I should have made yesterday - that people are being creative and distributed in ways not imagined 10 years ago. The creators have taken the existing design/graphics work of others and re-tooled it for their own purposes. Which is no different than sampling in music, but doing this with video games is now called "machinima." As technology allows us, our mastery of a medium, like music or graphics work, will matter less than our ability to have the tools at our disposal (in this case, Adobe Premiere and a capture card) to recreate things to express ourselves in ways that make us look like we are masters.


Tags: halo | machinima
by Brett Rogers, 4/23/2005 12:44:02 PM