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Absence Makes the Heart Grow, um, You Know, Fonder


Listening to the radio on the way back to work from a lunch at Boston's (yummy - pizza), I heard that a delinquent kid at a school was acting out, and the school called the police because of the chairs and such being thrown. So now, the parents of the young jerk are suing the school.

Now, it might be me, but how stupid can you be as a parent to sue the school after your child acts like that?

Worse, a recent study said that 8 in 10 teachers have heard a student suggest that their parents will sue the school when the child is corrected for being an ass in class.

So I have a suggestion: I think schools should close for 1 month. In February. Unannounced. And parents should be told the reason, which is that if you keep suing the school system for your own child's idiotic behavior, there won't be a school. Therefore, the school is pulling a George Bailey and disappearing from life for a while. Let's make the parents have to figure out what to do with their kids when there is no adult supervision. Want to throw chairs, little Johnny? Do it in the comfort of your own living room. Your parents didn't need that vase anyway...

This remedy works for other social ailments as well. For example, a lot of men take their wife for granted. Not all, but enough that it's cliché. The remedy? The wife should go to her mom's for 5 days and leave dad at home with the kids. If you've ever seen an episode of Trading Spouses, you've seen this in action. And it works. The ol' appreciation meter goes right up there.

You know the saying: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Try this with doctors who get sued out of business. Or nurses, that group of hard-working and under-noticed people. Or police, who don't get nearly enough respect for what they do.

People just might find that it's a wonderful life after all... and hopefully avoid the "remedy" of lawyers.


Tags: school | lawyers
by Brett Rogers, 3/22/2005 1:29:55 PM