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The Vegas Trip, Part I


When my folks and Tamara and I went to Vegas, we had the most wonderful time. Truly unforgettable. The kind of trip you remember to your grave.

We flew out and took Midwest Airlines, where they serve chocolate chip cookies - warm! - in flight. The best airlines I've been on in some time. The seats were comfy, even for me who is a big guy.

Check out this cutest of kids a couple of rows ahead of us...

We stayed at the MGM Signature, on the 29th floor, where we enjoyed an amazing view and privacy.

Prior to this trip, I'd never stepped foot in a casino - and I learned that I didn't care for them. Noisy, stinky, non-social. I don't get the appeal.

But we did do a lot of walking, ate at some amazing places... (here's Mom and Tamara at a low-lighted dinner)

And we enjoyed some astounding art and decor. This, from the Bellagio:

Tamara and I also went up into the Stratosphere. I'll have more pics from that tomorrow, as all of these were taken with my Dare, and tomorrow's pics will be from my Sony Cybershot.

We saw Bette Midler's show, which had beautiful art direction, and had funny moments, but she was totally trumped the following night when we saw Terry Fator, the guy who won America's Got Talent. The best way i can say this is: I wouldn't take my friends to Bette's show, where they about strip-searched us for cameras and the show was, of course, raunchy but funny and, in spots, odd. But I would bring everyone I know to Terry Fator's show and pay their way in. We laughed the entire show. I could bring my kids to see him. And he is immensely talented. He's also humble and human, and encouraged us to use our cameras...

But because of our experience the prior evening at Bette's show, we didn't bring our cameras, which was too bad, because I became part of the act. I was Terry's puppet, dressed as Cher.

Here's a bit of video from it:

A woman named Carol forwarded this to us (thank you!) whose email address we obtained after the show. My parents and Tamara were howling while I was up there.

It was a lot of fun :)

Tomorrow, more... and another video.


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by Brett Rogers, 10/19/2008 11:39:59 PM