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My two favorite attorneys, Brett and Rush, have tagged me on the meme "7 Things You Never Knew About Me."

Here goes:

  1. I once had a shotgun leveled at my head at about 10 PM at a rest area along I-5 near Yreka, California. Thankfully, no trigger was pulled.
  2. The only time in my life that I attempted hang gliding was on a windy day, and before I could step into the harness - but was standing on the bar to stabilize it while my friend screwed tight the last wingnut - the hang glider tilted upward, caught air and lifted quite fast. I jumped to the ground, but not before I was nearly 20 feet into the air. The hang glider flew about a quarter mile and tumbled harshly into a fabric and metal heap.
  3. At the age of 17, I rode through the streets of Sioux City, Iowa, on top of a white Catalina station wagon while being chased by the police. Sioux City is mighty hilly, and those hills are, um, best experienced at 60 mph outside the car.
  4. Miles from a friend's house and with no way to get there but walk, I once jumped onto a slow-moving train that I knew would pass near my friend's home. The train sped up. I managed to only sprain my ankle as I got off the train.
  5. My son, Nick, would have been named Reni has he been a girl. Reni Erk was a friend of ours when I lived in Corvallis, Oregon, a place I consider "home" more than any other city.
  6. My sergeant when I was in the Army was nicknamed Yibba Yabba for his difficulty with the English language. Sergeant Yibba looked every bit like Gary Coleman. He married a German woman who spoke almost no English for the lone reason that her near six foot frame would give his kids a fighting chance at above-average height. She married him because she wanted desperately to be an American. They had twin boys, whom she typically carried like footballs under each arm.
  7. I've never taken a single computer class, and, in fact, never graduated from college. Come to think of it, I nearly dropped out of high school twice, and certainly would have were it not for the night class in world history I was able to take as a junior to gain the single credit I needed to graduate high school as a junior. If I were to go back to college today, my major would probably be economics.
I tag Sherry, Chad, Annette, and Janet.


Tags: my life
by Brett Rogers, 2/5/2008 11:36:37 PM


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