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I have a great responsibility because I can afford to be honest.
-- May Sarton


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Some days, you have to manage your to-don't list. That's my job later today. I get to determine what I can't do in building out 247Toolset right now. Sherry is all excited about the use of 247Toolset for her non-profit venture. Which is way cool, and I think that my tool will scoot her well along in her desires for her project. But since 247Toolset is my after-hours gig, I have to build smartly, knowing what I can adequately do right now. The coming brainstorm will no doubt bring more to the wishlist.

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, I want to jump into the pool feet first and focus solely on that. But I can't do that yet. And oh the dreams in my head of what I could do if I had the time.

But it's not time, despite the pull I feel. That's coming.

I need patience, and wisdom, in doing what I can do - right now.


by Brett Rogers, 2/24/2008 11:02:43 AM


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