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A Modicum of Sense


It's amazing, the political news these days. Adultery, racism, résumé-padding...

The Spitzer saga is a wonderful reminder that power corrupts. Those of the law can easily try to be above the law. Trust them? Not me.

Obama's major gaffe in choosing a pastor who spouted racist crap is transparent of him to allow a peek like this into his judgment. It's telling also that few major media outlets are really grilling him for this. Can you imagine what would happen if President Bush had attended a church which sported a white supremicist pastor? His shelf life would have been no longer than 92 seconds after the news hit the wire. But Sunshine Boy gets a pass, largely, and is very much still in play.

And Hillary tries to take credit for her "role" in brokering peace in Ireland.

As a regular part of her stump speech, Clinton cites what she says is her role in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland as evidence of the foreign policy experience she says she has and Barack Obama doesn't.
The problem is that she had no role. I don't know that she will ever escape the Liar's Club that is her family unit.

I tell my kids to live their lives in such a way that no one can accuse them of cheating. Promoting the appearance of fairness is just as important as actually playing fair. Once someone thinks the game is not fair, it's hard to shake the bad feelings.

All of these are simply dumb moves - unforced errors. These politicians have no decency or sense, and didn't think ahead at all.

Bewilderingly, John McCain looks refreshingly boring. He's shenanigan-free. He's not eager to get a lot of press at the moment, which is good and smart. Why compete with the bad press of the stupid?


by Brett Rogers, 3/17/2008 9:25:57 AM


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