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Killing the Horse


Damn straight.

So what if a President Barack Obama were to impose 50% or 60% tax rates on these CEOs and other big earners? Mr. Gramm pounces: "When you help a company raise capital, to put its idea to work, and you create jobs, those jobs are the best housing program, education program, nutrition program, health program ever created. Look, if a man in one lifetime is responsible for creating 100 real jobs, permanent jobs, then he's done more than most do-gooders have ever achieved."
Gramm's right, and I'm glad McCain has this guy whispering in his ear on economics. Obama's approach is like killing the horse on your farm because it eats from the oats it helps you harvest.

Question: What if everyone had the personal goal of creating at least 2 permanent and productive jobs in their lifetime?

Sound tough? How about 100 jobs?

Some people have the ambition of creating jobs. How does that even make sense to penalize such people by taking over half of what they earn? No, we ought to instead penalize those people who lack the ambition to do anything productive at all. I expect that there are far more people who want to do as little as possible than there are those who have the ambition of creating 100 jobs. Which group makes more sense to penalize?

Obama has no clue about life. For all his flip-flops, I don't think he understands it well. Too busy hoping instead of doing, I guess.

(Via Instapundit...)

ETC: Just when I'm warming up to McCain, I see this. Good lord, but common sense fights for air among those who seek the Oval Office this year.

Illegal immigration is an economic issue as well as a homeland security issue. Illegal immigrants are woven into our economic fabric. They're necessary to ratchet up the demand for the oversupply of homes right now. They work for our nation's employers. 12 million, we're told.

Amnesty didn't work before, despite the assurances for funding stronger border security. Does anyone think this Congress is more willing for stronger borders now than that in 1986?

I agree with McCain that it's an issue. But it's not the top issue, and while I would like to believe that those are just the words of another politician, ol' Mac really believes that stuff and authored the most recent legislation.

Agh... would that we had someone who could talk sense about this stuff.


by Brett Rogers, 6/28/2008 7:48:51 PM


For all his "straight talk" McCain hasn't learned at all from the backlash from his previous legislative attempts at "comprehensive immigration reform." If he's smart he will downplay this until after the election as it infuriates more than just the conservative base. The way they tried ramming it through (didn't even give time to read it, had Bush ready to sign), pushed a lot of people's "on" button.

I'll toss this out there as a starter on border security. Forget the fence, it's a dumb idea that will cost a fortune and won't work. Instead, increase enforcement presence along the border to include military (arm them up and authorize them so they CAN defend the border). Anyone caught illegally entering gets fingerprinted and can NEVER apply for citizenship.

As for illegal immigrants already here, if the above is done, I'd accept amnesty with something along these lines.

Immediately report to INS for fingerprinting and a photo id. Sign an agreement to learn english, stay out of trouble for 5 years, start paying taxes, and you will be granted citizenship. Felon's or anyone caught trying to vote in an election illegally get automatically deported. Habitual welfare recipients would also get the boot. Mandatory requirements on employers to verify id along with revamping (opening up/speeding up) the immigration process would go along with this.

So have at it. Add to it, rip it apart, propose something better. I'm sure we can come up with something that makes a hell of a lot more sense than anything a politician has/will propose. :)



Posted by Pale Rider, 6/29/2008 11:50:12 PM

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