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While I'm coding a bunch tonight, I'm browsing around during a break and I find this Nobama web site put up by some Hillary supporters. They've coined the phrase, PUMA, which stands for "Party Unity My Ass."

My gosh, if you think I'm political and a little rough with some of my views, these folks are pulling no punches.

Now evidently, there's been a problem because these folks had their blogs reported as spam to Google, and so they were shut down and unable to post. They're not spam at all, but if there were bad feelings before, it's worse now after having their freedom to publish their own opinion stripped of them. (Shame on Google for acting without validating the charges first.)

So now there is a new web site for them on Wordpress. And they're prolific! And pissed! And they believe that the media is utterly complicit in this charade of "hope and change."


by Brett Rogers, 6/29/2008 12:27:33 AM


They aren't the only ones who believe the media is utterly complicit in this. It got me thinking about the Rush Limbaugh comment in reference to Donovan McNabb a few years back where he talked about "the media's desire to see a black quarterback succeed." Before I go further I want to say watched the ESPN pre-game show that day (haven't watched it since though), I heard the comments live, found nothing racist at all in them, agreed with the assessment, and I am a BIG Donovan McNabb fan. Of course it isn't politically correct to make an assessment like that, thus the media backlash.

I say this as I would have dismissed this with the usual "Democrats get a pass by the MSM," but after they turned on Hillary it became about Barry. If any Republican candidate had the repeated reverend issues (pick a reverend, pretty much each are racists with negative comments about the USA), that alone would most likely have sunk their campaign (look no further than Trent Lott). Now time after time we see the great gaffer get pass after pass, and now he's passing Kerry as the flip-flop king. His explanation for dumping public financing blew the needle off my bullshit meter (and it was a pretty big needle). This made me think back to the Donovan McNabb media assessment, and how to me it applies to Barry.

So is the media complicit? I say "bet your ass they are." Even Letterman seems to be giving Obama a pass these days. This has impacts on the "fairness doctrine," but I'll leave it at that for now.

Before anyone calls me a racist, I believe the country is ready for a president of any race, sex, or color. Just run a candidate that makes sense and they get my vote.



Posted by Pale Rider, 6/29/2008 10:44:04 PM

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