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Fixing the Game


I played Masterword (the word game linked on the left) at lunch today and saw that it was broken by a recent change that I made in it. Zoiks! But I've now fixed that glitch.

I also know that if you've bookmarked the game page, it saves it in such a way that you play the same word over and over again. I'm working on a fix for that, but in the meantime, the way to get around that is to come straight to the main page and click on the game link. That starts a fresh game.


Tags: programming | masterword | word game
by Brett Rogers, 4/22/2005 9:33:16 PM


I am a big fan of word games in the internet. I am surely going to check this one out. :)



Posted by Lineage2 Accounts (, 7/15/2009 12:31:01 PM

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