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Gerbera Petal


In order from left to right, here are my attempts at painting a flower petal today. The actual photo of the petal is on the right.

I got closer as I went, with the last attempt being my first time using Arches paper (love it).

But even in the last attempt, my yellow isn't deep enough and my shadows aren't rich enough. More brown - maybe even red. The edges, though, are much better - more realistic transition between colors.

To paint edges, I've learned, I need room. All of my paintings thus far have been postcard-sized, roughly speaking. Time to get into the larger canvas.


Tags: painting | sketch
by Brett Rogers, 4/28/2005 12:58:49 AM


Have you see this blog?

Every day he paints a postcard-sized oil painting and posts it. He sell each for $100. It is a cool blog -- thought you might be interested.



Posted by red fish, 4/29/2005 6:24:15 PM

That's awesome... I'll add it to my links in a new section I'll create this weekend called (appropriately enough) "Art."

I should write a "where am I going with this" article. I am actually formulating a plan with my art. I never thought of $100 a painting, but I like that idea :)

Thanks red fish!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 4/29/2005 9:28:23 PM

I knew you'd dig Arches. : )



Posted by Anonymous, 5/2/2005 11:45:57 PM

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