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Eating, or, um, the Lack Thereof


Spurred by several people I know, I'm changing my food habits. First, there was Bella, who did that most heroic thing and actually dropped sugar from her diet. Then there was Laura and Chad. Though neither knows the other, both saw Supersize Me and came away horrified. Chad's been eating well for quite a while (it wasn't triggered by the movie), and frankly, he looks great. And then there is my bike, which is always a motivator. The weather, though a bit rainy, has been cooperating somewhat to allow me to bike to work half the week, and I expect soon it will be daily again. So I need to change my eating habits...

During the day, I am a paragon of great eating. Typically, either fresh juice from my juicer or some sort of store-bought juice, like grape juice, sometimes occasioned by a wheat bagel with peanut butter or by unsalted trail mix. Lunch is usually fresh salad from the salad bar downstairs. And water to drink during the day, although in the past two months I was really in a raspberry Snapple mood - but no longer.

Then comes dinner and afterward, and this is usually where I collapse. I overeat at night. And it's not necessarily bad food; it's just too much food. And at night, which is the worst.

The bike helps with this. If I go for late night bike rides, I tend not to indulge myself. So I expect a summer of losing weight. I'm working on it, anyway. But to see others I know, including a good friend fo mine who posted in Graffiti about this, get serious about it helps keep me focused.


Tags: health
by Brett Rogers, 4/28/2005 10:01:57 AM


Oh my lord. SO not heroic, but thanks for the shout out. I just felt like hell. So ultimately I'm selfish. And the thing is, there is plenty of stuff to overeat without sugar being in the picture, so I have to start looking at that. Actually, the really brave thing is watching Supersize Me...I haven't had the guts to do that yet. Although I should. Fast food is a vice of mine.

My downfall is exercise. I'm not lazy, per se...but I will decide that the toilet needs cleaning before I'd go for a walk. Anybody's toilet. :-) It's just SOOOO boring. And music just gets repetitive. Anybody have any ideas?



Posted by Bella, 4/28/2005 10:25:23 AM

You were heroic... I said so.

Own a bike? I'll go biking with you once in a while.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 4/28/2005 10:47:49 AM


I would agree that Super Size Me is a heroic thing to watch. It completely turned me off of fast food.

Walking outside when it's nice I find relaxing. However, walking on a tredmill I find mind numbingly boring. My dad just went through a couple really serious health scares. As a result I bought an eliptical (sp?) machine and absolutely love it. It's a great workout and you don't have to do it for very long to get a great result.

I have also changed my eating habits dramtically. It's amazing what seeing someone on life support and a scar running from their chest to their groin can do for a person as far as a kick in the butt.



Posted by Anonymous, 4/29/2005 12:11:11 PM

EEEEUW! I broke down and watched Supersize Me this weekend. Yipes! To be honest, as someone who has done a lot of forced nutritional research, not a lot of it surprised me (not that it stops me from eating an egg mcmuffin, dammit). What I found fascinating, though, was the piece about the school for kids with behavior issues serving only real (unprocessed, cooked on site) food and noticing such a significant difference in behavior. That was cool.

So, because it piqued my interest, I found that Morgan Spurlock has a website, and that there are plans to make a "family friendly" version of "Super Size Me" and it looked like Scholastic might be distributing---Scholastic was mentioned in the article anyway---so that people can get it into the schools. Given that the kids in the movie (and most kids, I'm guessing) knew Ronald McDonald on sight than knew George Washington, I think this is an awesome development.

Great film though. Very dedicated filmmaker. You gotta admire a guy who will submit to a rectal exam, barf out of his car and damage his liver ON CAMERA for the sake of his project and informing the public.



Posted by Bella, 4/30/2005 11:43:05 PM

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