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Botanical Center


Drawn on my Verizon LG Dare Drawing Pad:

I get a phone call while at work today from Steve Karlin, a reporter from a local news station, KCCI. He wanted to do a story on my cell phone art.

While at the botanical center, I drew the picture shown above, and he interviewed me. How very cool of him and his camera guy to do this. I guess I'll be on the 6 o'clock news later... I'll try to get the video up on YouTube.

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Tags: LG Dare Art | Verizon
by Brett Rogers, 10/28/2008 3:48:33 PM


Nice, Brett! I'm doing a recording thing tonight so won't have a chance to watch it. I'll be looking for the youtube video.



Posted by Kelly, 10/28/2008 4:52:17 PM

I don't know that I can gain access to it for YouTube publication, but I can tell you that they did an amazing job editing that. I'm thoroughly impressed.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 10/28/2008 11:59:29 PM

That's great!



Posted by Annette (, 10/29/2008 10:03:47 AM

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