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Drawn on Hoss' Verizon LG Dare Drawing Pad:

Since I started doing art on my phone and putting a couple of videos out there, I've had a few of people send me their LG Dare artwork.

Hoss is a guy I've never met, who has told me that he doesn't know much about art, but likes doodling on his phone. When he finishes something he likes, he sends it to me.

For a guy who "doesn't know much" about art, his water in the picture above beats any water I've done on my phone. Kudos to him for an excellent job. And the sky is pretty amazing as well.

It just goes to show that it's not the destination, but the journey. I'd say Hoss is well on his way :)

(You can sign up to have a new drawing sent to you daily by picture message.)


Read the whole story of "Cell Phone Art"
Tags: LG Dare Art | Verizon
by Brett Rogers, 10/30/2008 12:08:53 AM


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