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Kitchen, Again


I finished my sketch of our kitchen. I come away from it with a couple of things:

  1. I need to think more about deriving color consistently. Some of that is just being out of practice. Like, in this painting, cobalt turquoise and cadmium orange with a hint of pyrrole red is a good first step toward brown. If I am unfamiliar with the pigments I have in front of me, a bit of work on the colors I intend to use is a good idea before kicking into high gear and applying the wrong shade or hue halfway through.
  2. Lightly working out the rough shapes and markers for positioning and proportion is a good idea. I really struggled with the cupboard next to the frig.
  3. Color temperature is important, especially for light and shadows. I don't remember that nearly enough.
  4. I have to continually remind myself to forget what I know about the subject. It's not a kitchen - it's blobs of layered color.
It looks like our kitchen. After I paint a few other things for practice, I think I'll come back to it.

I've been using the filbert-style brush, and I'm getting more accustomed to it.

Oh, and I've found that I like the torn-edge look. I have some specific ideas around that and I am eager to try them out.

I'll do the next one this weekend.


by Brett Rogers, 1/9/2009 12:33:47 AM


Very nice! Don't know EXACTLY why, but I usually find sketches more interesting than the Finished Painting (or whatever). Seems like the idea of "This is only a sketch" is liberating some real freshness in some artist.



Posted by Kanji Hanzi (, 1/26/2009 3:28:40 PM

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