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Exploration Ahead


A old client called me a few days ago and asked if I could squeeze him in. It's an interesting project that he has in mind, so today we met and I've agreed to shoehorn the project to the tune of about 8 to 10 hours per week. My job is to write software to help manage support for his wireless and terminal services network.

This will help with two of the goals that I have for the year: to get mighty close to being debt-free, and to acquire a few creativity items. On the creativity list: a new computer, a few musical instruments, flash animation software, and a film-quality camera.

I know musical instruments. I know software. I know computers. But I don't know video cameras to save my life. I'm flying blind here.

I've scouted around and after much reading, I think I've settled on the Panasonic AG-DVX100A MiniDV. It gets great reviews and offers film-like quality. The only other camera that seems to be in the same league with it is the Canon XL2, but the XL2 is $2,000 more expensive. And it seems that soon enough, the next generation of cameras will offer HD format. If I like filming, then I'll definitely be upgrading later, so I'll save money now and get a high-quality camera for my needs.

What to do with such a gizmo?

I'm sure it will be documentary work. I've been tossing around ideas...

  • I could chase down Iowa's local art talent and film a bit on each one. I own,, and, and I could release the continuing thread of stories on one of those, if I chose.
  • Find people who have chased their passions here in central Iowa and document their processes, their stories, and highlight their successes and failures.
  • Find people on both sides of the political spectrum in central Iowa and ask the question, "Who has the better, more provable, and more successful ideas: the left or the right?" And then just film their answers and their examples.
All of these appeal to me. I'll have to pick a direction, but I have plenty of time. Fall is my timeframe for purchase, and in the meantime I'll be writing software.

Once I'm debt-free, I can work less if I need to so that I can pursue one of my creative outlets should one really take hold of me and demand more attention.

Life is so cool. You know, my kids thrill at the idea of these new toys in the house. I hope to teach them how to use all of these things and let them go crazy with them. Or, sorta crazy. They'll just need to be gentle with the video camera...


Tags: ideas
by Brett Rogers, 2/25/2005 8:57:27 PM


Wow, cool camera! I can imagine all the things you will create. Can't wait to see the results. And congrats on being debt free, almost. Not many today can say that.



Posted by Critics R Us, 2/26/2005 1:40:23 AM

You know, being debt-free sounds good. Don't know anyone who is, so I have no idea if it's overhyped or not. I guess I'll find out, eh?



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 2/26/2005 9:42:45 AM

Ahhh, debt free. I was, once. When I first moved back to Iowa I had sold my house in St Paul, MN and paid off everything. Oh, what a great feeling! I hope Doug & I can get there someday.



Posted by Jody Halsted, 2/26/2005 10:09:56 AM

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