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No Surprises


We didn't watch The Apprentice finale; we watched CSI (which was very very good and directed by Tarantino). During CSI's commercials, we flipped to watch Trump interview Kendra and Tana, who is from here in Iowa. Tana shot herself in the foot last week by shooting off her mouth. Prior to that she had my vote, but the way in which she positioned herself above her teammates was sheer stupidity. I mean, if you're going to carry on like that, that's something to share with your spouse or with people you trust. You don't do it on camera in front of millions of Americans where people can TiVo your idiocy.

And even if she was kidding, as she haplessly insinuated by saying that people didn't get her humor, she wasn't mugging for herself. She was acting as the brand of Trump, and there is no way that The Donald would accept such bad branding. She should have known that. To act that way on camera is lousy business. Whether she was truly better than Kendra or not became irrelevant.


by Brett Rogers, 5/19/2005 10:30:02 PM


LOL! I hear Martha Stewart gets "The Apprentice" next season. Then I'll watch it. Anybody that can come out of prison after five months and play the media like she did deserves a reality tv show. Donald Trump is a dork, in my humble opinion. :-)

As for CSI, it was really good. Loved the little signature Tarantino gorefest hallucination at the end. Speaking for myself, though...I would have shot myself at the fire ants. :-)



Posted by Bella, 5/20/2005 9:35:02 AM

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