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And Now, the Weather Report...


Blogging is going to be light in the next few weeks as work is heating up for me. In addition to moving from being an ASP developer to an ASP.NET developer, the scale of the projects in which I'll be involved is rather large. Sadly, I have little time to paint, but I'll continue my lunch break painting.

And for you geeks out there: I'm a very fast ASP developer. This site is a good example of that. I spent less than 40 hours developing the blogging backbone of beatcanvas. But I'm scratching my head a bit about .NET. Where's the promised speed increase? I understand that the DataGrid offers some benefits, but I find it more limiting than freeing, particularly when there's a need to display data from more than one recordset/dataset. And the validation controls seem very clumsy as well. For example, tabbing out of a textbox that has a Required validation tied to it but has no text in it doesn't force an error to appear in the Summary control until I press the submit button. That's just dumb. And only one form per page? I'm not a fan of that.

I understand the desire for a single language and the desire for server-side, but I feel more like my hands are tied than they are freed by .NET because of the limitations inherent to the environment.

Everything has pros and cons, I guess. I just expected something more robust.


Tags: programming
by Brett Rogers, 6/2/2005 8:21:46 PM






Posted by Laura, 6/3/2005 9:46:08 AM

Yeah - sorry about that, Laura. I let my inner geek peek through. I promise to put a towel over it in the future! ;)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 6/3/2005 10:32:38 AM

There's only one active server side form, but that is to limit postbacks. You can change the active form from the client side. You can also have as many traditional HTML forms on your page as you want, as long as you don't expect them to interact with the compiled DLL on your server, outside of a Page_Load querystring or form.item catch. Just make sure it does not have the runat=server attribute set.

Not knowing your need for displaying multiple recordsets, you can play with the linked field in the datagrid or if you are looking for something like a drill-down report, look at DataDynamic's Active Cube. It has client-side drag and drop of the dimensions and metrics and multi-dimensional recordset support.

I like the Visual Studios .NET interface a lot better than version 6. I like the fact that all of the bound classes are compiled, which is where you'll see a lot of the speed differences. It's also more secure if someone hacks your site. ADO.NET runs a lot faster too, at least on the conversion projects I've worked on.

My problem is when I go back and forth between versions. My brain takes a while to realize that certain commands are no longer available....



Posted by Doug Halsted, 6/4/2005 4:06:48 PM

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