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Busting Through


No brainstorming meeting this coming holiday weekend, few meetings on the calendar, and Tamara in California until late Thursday night. Full speed ahead on development...

We had a sales call earlier this week for 247. Recently, I'd made the decision to begin a re-write of the core of the technology, which would make it more flexible. All very cool, but we need something available for sale this month, frankly. It looks like we might have our fourth or fifth customer by the end of the month. I decided, after making the core architecture changes in the data schema, to give them what they need for now and after that's done, I'll get back into the re-write.

So I'll likely have the wrap-up of what we're calling v1.0 done by the end of the weekend, leaving testing and refinement to be done through next week. Then the work on v2.0 begins.

My personal goal: two or three sales per month through the rest of the year.

Still learning what the marketplace thinks. I love that part. Deep listening required... that's where the secret sauce can be made. Is my team up to it? We'll find out :)

Oh, and this was my rendition of last Sunday's brianstorming session:

After thinking it through further, the left side is where the grassroots lives. The right side is where the politicians live.

To the very left of the graphic, that's where the self is. Just to the right of that is where we meet and interact with others.

It's at this juncture that the various talents and abilities of people get involved. That's the hard part. That's where the secret sauce will be made - or lost.


by Brett Rogers, 9/1/2009 8:05:50 PM


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