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Made and Found


Watching squirrels from my back deck, I notice that they show up whenever we refill the birdfeeder. They skitter across the yard, climb the tree, and then gingerly descend onto a low branch until they make a small leap to the wire cage of the feeder.

If there's food, they eat.

If not, they scamper around until they find some food elsewhere.

Earlier this year, Tamara and I went to Lowe's and we bought some tomato cages for the backyard, and wire fencing with stakes. We did this in anticipation of growing tomatoes as we did last year. A vendor at the farmer's market, back in May, had some plants started and sold them for $3 each. And so we bought seven plants.

We came home, dug the holes, planted our seedlings, fenced them in, and watered them. Through the year, we cultivated them and helped them grow. Today, we eat homegrown tomatoes almost daily.

The squirrels eat by luck. Only if they find the food do they eat.

Us people, on the other hand, have a more planned and intentional approach to providing food for ourselves.

Which is brainier? Which shows the higher intelligence?

Commerce doesn't just happen. It's not like you walk by and stumble upon a business. The business started and grew with intention by someone with a dream who planned and pursued it. They cultivated it until it grew, and they expect to enjoy the harvest of their efforts.

Liberals, on the other hand - like squirrels - tend to want to eat from what they find. And what they find was grown and gathered from the efforts of capitalists.

So I ask you: which is brainier? Because it's laughable to me that Janeane Garofalo and people like her assert that right-wingers are dumber. If that were true, then why is it that the socialist society Leftists want can't happen and thrive without pilfering the proceeds of the businesses started and cultivated by capitalists?

Super genius...


by Brett Rogers, 9/6/2009 7:17:23 PM


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