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Today is 9/12, and will likely find most DC Democrats politicians hiding under their beds.

Here's why:

Not far from the White House...

These from a person there.

This from Libertas1776.

This from LadyImpactOhio.

And finally, from an attendee getting dressed to go out:

ETC: Brian corrects me in the comments, so I've updated this to politicians, and not just Democrats.


by Brett Rogers, 9/12/2009 9:50:04 AM


Don't forget, you'll probably find quite a few Republicans hiding as well.



Posted by Brian McLain, 9/12/2009 12:31:57 PM


Just want to say how very proud I am of all that participated and all of us that wished we could be there at the Tea Party today.

God Bless this country and all of it's people. I pray every day that we can get our liberty, freedom and constitution back.

Thank you to all who started and all who promoted the Tea Party and God Bless you.

Sincerely , patt



Posted by patt stephenson (, 9/12/2009 8:33:33 PM

Seeing the pictures makes me wish we could have been there. This is an important day in the U.S.



Posted by Nancy Armstrong (9/12), 9/13/2009 3:18:06 PM

Great pictures. I am so proud to be an American, surrounded by all of you! I hope that this "movement" swells and grows and becomes a mighty voice that the media and our politicians can't ignore! I will be there next year--as God is my wittness (feeling like Scarlette Ohara...)

(And thanks for making me feel like such a dummy that I couldn't answer your tivia questions! You cracked me up, and made me LOL--I needed that today!)



Posted by terri yeisley, 9/13/2009 8:20:31 PM

This is what freedom of speech is all about.
Irregardless of the subject.
Be careful we don't lose this freedom, and other freedoms as well, as we get the "changes" we were promised.



Posted by Ron Johnson, 9/15/2009 5:37:34 PM

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