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Star Wars: A Mini-Review

I went and finally saw the new Star Wars movie with my friend, Jackie. My verdict?

Eh... it was okay.

I didn't buy Anakin's conversion to the dark side at all. I wasn't greatly impressed by the overlong fight scene at the end. Lots of cool special effects, but the green-screen acting la Lucas was had all the realism of a Yu Gi Oh cartoon. (Okay, that's a cheap shot and an exaggeration, but Lucas is still the only director I know who can make a good actor like Sam Jackson appear mediocre.)

There was one part of the movie that did grab me. I don't remember the moment, but it was very visceral. I felt a taste of how much some people truly want power... in an evil Kim Jong Il kind of way. It felt quite huge and menacing.

Lucas wants to move into emotive, experimental film-making next. I wish him the best. The Star Wars films are in a class by themselves - an experience more than they are movies. But I'm glad that it's over... even though I saw the first one 57 times in the movie theater the summer that it came out.

Tags: star wars
by Brett Rogers, 6/8/2005 12:04:26 AM


I agree - I didn't buy the conversion for a second. I mean, okay, so Palatine was "helpless" (or so Anakin thought) and was going to be executed anyway. Why would this convince him the Jedi were corrupt and the Sith were not? This is the exact same thing Palatine had him do to Count What's-His-Name. At best, it should've convinced him that life is conducted in shades of gray, rather than black and white. Not a total reversal of allegiance - particularly given his long-standing hatred of the Sith. To those who'd argue it was the whole "save Padme" thing that motivated him: then why not have stopped Palatine's execution but then work with Obi-Wan to ensure he's bound over for trial rather than summarily killed? That would give you sufficient time to worm any secrets out of him. Anyway . . . I've got lots of logistics issues with much of the movie, but I've vented enough as it is. :-)

Posted by Kris (Random), 6/8/2005 10:43:22 AM

Holy crap!! Spoiler alert! Dang me for reading the posts before I've seen it. LOL!!

Going next weekend with my sister, not because we're all that excited about it, just because we want closure. I think I will buy the conversion...anybody who has to deliver George Lucas' dialog is pretty much halfway to the dark side already. Still, gotta love the guy...he's like Jim Henson to me--an important part of my childhood memories. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him. I think he's an amazing director and has fabulous vision, I just hope he starts using some other people's scripts.

Posted by Bella, 6/8/2005 1:11:07 PM

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