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It takes less time to learn to write nobly than to learn to write lightly and straightforwardly.
-- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche


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247Toolset has a salesperson now, a role this person has never done. Will they make it? Beats me. We'll find out. It's 100% commission. Better find motivation fast, eh?

In browsing around to help with orientation, I ran across this:

Over the past few years, as I sought success as a Sales Professional and Sales Leader, I've been obsessed with reading every book I could find on sales, leadership, success, and spirituality. I believed that I was placed on earth to be successful and that I deserved to achieve my goals and dreams. After reading, listening to audio programs, and observing the action of the top salespeople and leaders in my company, I found that Super Successful people, from every walk of life, share 9 habits that have contributed most to their extraordinary achievements!
Take a look at the words in that paragraph:
  • obssessed
  • believed
  • deserved
  • reading, listening, and observing
It screams motivation. It's chock full of self-improvement. You can feel the hunger.

Business and success happen when people find the fire in the belly and they drive ahead full speed. That typically doesn't happen when you're not worried. They drive because they have to. To survive.

Now here's where it gets interesting. This person had to leave their last position, where they had health insurance. But they no longer work there. The only way to have health insurance is through COBRA, but it requires that they pay for their insurance fully, which in this case is $420 per month.

In bringing them on, I covered them for this month. Next month, I'll only cover $300. And so it will go, until four months from now.

Opportunity, in a difficult economy.

If this person decides to engage, like the person who wrote that article, the next few years will be amazing and fulfilling and profitable.

It all starts with a decision, which become habits, which becomes lifestyle.

Stay tuned.


by Brett Rogers, 9/21/2009 9:09:58 PM


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