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It's a good thing I don't require a lot of sleep.

A few weeks back, at one of the Sunday brainstorming meetings, we were discussing a solution and while we were articulating the way in which it would work, I registered two domains. (Pictures from that meeting are on the web site here at beatcanvas and the idea itself, though in a different form, is well-presented here on the site.)

My thoughts sparked the actions of one of the attendees at the meeting. I didn't really know that at the time, but he came back to me a little over a week ago and told me of the work he had done to move the idea forward. I'm not going to mention the names of the famous people with whom he's connected or the work he has done, but people anywhere in the country would recognize these names. I'm also not sure yet how iron-clad these relationships are, but I'm sure that they are tentative and it all depends on the development work to be done and getting it ready within two months for an initial roll-out.

Fortunately for me, I'm not chiefly responsible for the development. I've engaged a friend of mine - a strong libertarian - who believes in the concept and is willing to invest himself in it. The three of us will meet weekly and see how it comes along. We have a hard deadline in November for the roll-out.

Brainstorming - it's not just an exercise in "what if" for the fun of it. Done right, it synergistically blends the passions of others to bring it all to the fore and - together -things move ahead.

Everybody ought to think forward and take action. Amazing things might just happen...

Remember: it's not the fancy words that are important - it's the execution.


by Brett Rogers, 9/23/2009 10:17:36 PM


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