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I mentioned the 247 demos that were done yesterday. Here's what took place:

Larry and I went to a corporate office, and gave the demo to three folks, one of which was the decision-maker. One of the people had seen the demo before, a couple of months ago.

30 minutes into the demo, the three of them were extremely excited about the prospect of using it to manage their employees' volunteer engagement in the community. We agreed to tailor it to their process, which isn't a big stretch from the current iteration of the platform. They also need one chunk of development that isn't in the platform today. My guess: they'll agree to buy it, if we throw in the development they need. I'm willing to do that, if that's the direction the negotiation takes.

A friend of mine, who helped arrange the contact with the company back in July, called me afterward.

"How'd it go?"
"Great. Our solution is a perfect fit, and they can see that."
"Brett, that's awesome. Then you can sell to the other twenty."
"No, no, Malcolm. This is an enterprise solution."
"I know that. And there are over twenty enterprises."

That's when I realized he was right. If this one goes, we have a very warm lead into over 20 other sales.

Then, later in the evening, I get the call from Joe, who did the demo yesterday for the communications director of an Iowa politician. Long story short, there is a point in the demo - and it happens with everyone - where the light bulb goes on. Once they get it, the roles of the demo switch and the presenter becomes the audience and the audience becomes the presenter, as they gush on about the ways in which this could be used. At that point, you just sit there and smile and agree as all of those dots start connecting. It's pretty cool.

Joe remarked about that:

"And exactly as you said, when I got to the comparison, it clicked - I watched her get it and she just took off with it. Brett, this woman knows everyone in politics. She's done national campaigns. She knows corporations. Tomorrow, she's going to LA and the day after that she'll be in China, and then she's coming back to Iowa. Brett, this is HUGE!"

So I get home and hear all of this. I had my own good meeting. It's tough not to get excited, but until the contract is signed or the money changes hands, cool demos mean nothing.

Today is just another day...

Sort of :)


by Brett Rogers, 9/30/2009 7:44:32 AM


I'm very excited for you and excited to keep hearing how this story unfolds!



Posted by Annette (, 9/30/2009 9:27:53 AM

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