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First-Time Photographer, Part-Time Weatherman


Jacob and I went to the playground today and messed around in the large wooden fort near my home.

We played hide-and-seek and, like any kid, Cub loves to have his picture taken. But today, he asked a different question:

"Dad, can I take pictures?"
"Hmm... sure, why not."

So, I taught him where the button was and he went to town. Here's his first picture:

And then you can see in the following set of pictures where his real interest lies:

Yep - the boy likes cars.

On the walk back home, he announced that he would like me to take a movie of him giving the weather report.

I love just hangin' with the boy.

One other thing: I discovered late last night. If you go to the Folk section and choose Syd's "Back Home," it's an amazing song. Among others that I found. Some of the songs are free downloads, and for those who want to push their music to the world (re: Kris!), it looks pretty cool.


Tags: my life | jacob
by Brett Rogers, 6/11/2005 3:14:24 PM


for a first time photographer he did an amazing job!

I like hoe he just captured the car's symbols. Very cool. He has a future!



Posted by shoegirl, 6/11/2005 6:59:55 PM

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