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In the next 12 hours, I'll give another presentation of 247. This demo is substantial in terms of its potential and it will be delivered to an audience familiar with the platform. I'll arrive at the demo with allies who know the audience very well. Two of their associates have already purchased a 247 portal and love it.

Shoe-in, right?

Two years ago, I would have said yes at twice the price point we'll be asking. Maybe even a year ago. Now? I'm unsure.

In the last week, I engineered a spreadsheet to model our pricing. The team - Larry, Kay, and I - will meet this Friday to tweak the formulation for pricing. It's a tricky business, choosing a price. You don't want to leave money on the table, but you don't want to scare people either. You can always come down, but it's mighty hard to go up. Whatever pricing you apply, the model has to appear equitable to everyone. Especially for something feature-heavy like 247. I've put some stuff into it in the last month of which I'm pretty proud. I was training one of our salespeople earlier tonight on the Proxy capability. It allows an organization to delegate search and request capability to others. Powerful, in the right context. What's it worth? The market will tell me.

You know, there's an extremely valuable education that takes place in pursuing all of this. You couldn't buy this kind of street-level training. If it all goes right and we've calculated correctly, then we created our own jobs and jobs for others as well by creating what others want. If 247 can sell in this economy, then I'm mighty excited for the future. It's all about the perception of value in the minds of our prospects.

In the meantime, other demos line up and we keep pushing. This game of chess I play in my head with the market has me looking at the roles I need to grow this budding enterprise as we gain traction. I love to hire people. I love the interview process. I love watching people bloom, once placed. I hope that I get to do that soon. I'm ready to run.


by Brett Rogers, 10/8/2009 12:45:18 AM


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