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No man is free who is not master of himself.
-- Epictetus


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Essay, Spot On



The second decade of this century will be an existential war for the American soul.

The political battlefront has shifted into the fatal terrain of essential liberties and economic freedom. This is the time for courage, conviction, and bold action... not whining about "big tents." A Republican party that embraces Scozzafava over Hoffman isn't a "tent." It's not even a lean-to.

The most urgent task for conservatives is building a logical, consistent vision to place before the voters. They're looking for a comprehensive explanation of why Democrat policies are wrong. They can see Obama's failures all around them, but in the absence of a compelling narrative from the opposition party, they're likely to conclude those failures were inevitable, and learn to accept them. If no one presents a coherent alternative to socialism, it wins by default, because too much of the political and media culture desires it. We've already tumbled far past the point where anyone views the Constitution as even a speed bump, let alone a barrier to socialist ambition. The principles embodied in that incredible document will perish, if they are not respected, explained, and defended.

Some guy on Twitter the other day scolded me for dissing Obama's lack of Constitutional principle. "Obama taught Constitutional law, you know," he countered. Yeah, okay. And high school teachers teach economics, and yet, many embrace socialist policies that have no historical success of any kind. Every socialist economy fails whenever tried, so what's the point here? Obama hates individual freedom. He wants to tell people what to do and how to live.

I agree with the initial statement of this essay: "The second decade of this century will be an existential war for the American soul."

Is America a land ruled by people who will tell you and me how to live and what to do?

Or is America still the land of freedom?


by Brett Rogers, 10/25/2009 1:29:00 PM


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