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I used to have the Twitter gizmo here on my home page. Not no more... too buggy and unreliable. It was showing up as a big black box more often than it was appearing normally, and in IE, it was prompting my debugger. Yuck.

I normally use Opera as my browser, which I like quite a bit as it is fast and safe, so I don't notice issues in IE. But even in Opera, the Twitter gizmo was just a big black box.

Oh well.

I don't think I'll be tweeting as much. Twitter is great for trying to fit a concise message inside 140 characters, such as:

Capitalism: "I look forward to the reward of my labor."
Liberalism: "I look forward to the reward of your labor, too."
And I find that Twitter is the fastest news source there is. But when you follow several hundred people, then much of it is just mashed together. So it still has value, but I won't frequent it as much.


by Brett Rogers, 10/29/2009 10:36:17 AM


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