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A friend of mine recently made a huge educational accomplishment. I went to her home yesterday to celebrate at a party. I knew a few people, and the others were very funny and very cool people who are also her friends. While there, a common theme kept coming up: what about her great business idea? You see, she has a killer business idea. Unique, embracing, niched. It's an idea that runs on all cylinders. All of us who are her friends devoutly believe in her and in this idea. But one key person doesn't seem to want the idea to go forward: her husband.

The rest of us are puzzled about this. He's a very successful guy - to where money is really no object. He married well in marrying her. It seems to us that he should know what she can do. And I think that she would go for it if he backed her up on this.

She's an intensely loyal person. I treasure that about her, and maybe she regales her husband's opinion so much that she shares his doubt - just because it's his doubt. I don't know.

In the meantime, we who are her friends are all cheering a race that may never start, and it's breaking our hearts. But then we can't pull her into her own dream if she doesn't lead the charge. So we daydream...


Tags: dreams
by Brett Rogers, 6/19/2005 11:09:48 AM


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