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The Eeyore Report


Only two of my five are with me this moring. Nick and Aaron are with their Mom in Minneapolis for a visit. Bari is overnighting at her best friend's house. Austin and Cub are with me this morning and it's a gorgeous day :)

So far on this Father's Day, I've made chocolate chip pancakes and putzed around with the boys. While cooking pancakes, I watched a bit of news, or as it should be called, "The Eeyore Report."

"Deadly attacks in Iraq... A man found murdered... This just in - a woman has been found to be drowned after a boating accident..."

It's all quite outrageous and hysterical. So here's the good news.

"Millions of dads on this Father's Days are hearing from their loving children and are spending time with their family."

And for all of the good news in Iraq that the major networks (including Fox) won't report, here's Arthur Chrenkoff's last roundup.

I think I'll take the little tool that I wrote to watch the media's online coverage of the election last fall to instead search for good news and I'll occasionally provide links. Where are people succeeding? How are people enriching their lives? What's the story with the happy ending? This will be for a bit of balance to the Eeyore Report coming out of the "If it bleeds, it leads" crowd.

Now - this just in - we're off to the playground!


by Brett Rogers, 6/19/2005 11:25:56 AM


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