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If you graduate from a top-notch university with your MBA in hand, you're deemed a smart person. Your job, then, is to go forth and help business revenue multiply.

Some graduates understand that money doesn't always last forever - so they believe that they should maximize their short-term investment. They also understand that their position within a corporation won't last forever, so they maximize their their short-term accomplishments.

I call these folks Lilypadders. They become expert hoppers. They leap forward, and they rarely look back. What lies in their wake doesn't concern them as they cross the pond.

They don't care about what's in the best interest for the country, the corporation, their co-workers, or really anyone... it's all about what gets them further along. Is their status, title, or salary benefited? That's the razor of their decision-making. There's nothing wrong at all with acting in your own self-interest, but doing so at the expense of others is the hallmark of a lilypadder.

The sad fact is that these folks get lumped in with capitalism, when the very last experience they ever want to have is a free market. They hunt for subsidies, angle for regulatory hurdles for their competition, seek exemption from statute, and generally squander resources - financial and personal - for their own gain. Capitalism is not their goal, but rather monopoly. They seek to restrict a free market.

Lilypadders hate competition, and capitalism, by definition, thrives on competition.

Never mistake titans of business for capitalists. If they embrace an artificially-narrowed market, or if they lobby the government for an advantage over their competition, they're the enemies of capitalism.

These lilypad monopolists are generally in cahoots with the government, which is why so many MBA's on Wall Street give money to the Democrat party. That's not to say that there aren't lilypadders in the Republican ranks - oh yes there are - but the Republican base trends away from government-aid. The MBA's on Wall Street are smart enough to know that, and so they give to those most willing to help them restrict the market.


by Brett Rogers, 4/25/2010 3:23:42 PM


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