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How Not to Clean Up a Mess


Obama voter, law professor Ann Althouse, watched the president's address to the nation and was utterly unimpressed.

Well, that was a terrible speech! When it wasn't grim and dreary, it was grandiose. But the grandiosity was so vague... and half-hearted.
Barry H. Obama - Super Genius.

One of her commenters makes an excellent point about the, ahem, oil cleanup effort.

Think of the oil leak in real life terms in your own home.

You didn't watch your kids very well and they went and broke one of those light bulbs that contain mercury. (You know... the ones that Obama wants us to use)

So instead of cleaning up the mess you decide to throw out all of the light bulbs in your house, beat your children to within an inch of their lives and decide to invent a new light bulb. Nevermind that you will be sitting in the dark for 15 years or that you don't have a fucking clue on HOW to invent a light bulb.

Meanwhile you have broken glass and mercury all over your house.

Maybe we should have elected a MOM in chief instead of a planner. Mom would have cleaned up the mess, disciplined the kids and made some sandwiches. plan to make all of your neighbors pay for your new project and take away all of their light bulbs too.

Anyone who still thinks that ol' Barry is a smart leader probably didn't have a capable mother against whom to compare our nation's leader. Because no mom would act so little in the presence of such a mess.


by Brett Rogers, 6/15/2010 10:49:17 PM


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