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Mediacom's Service is Horrible


Long story short:

I liked Mediacom. Never had a problem with it.

Two and a half weeks ago, our Internet service died. Turns out it was a bad cable at the junction. Took them five days to get to my place to even look at it.

To fix it, they laid a cable at the junction. The repairman told me that, and so I asked him to flag where the cable was so that people near it wouldn't accidentally take out our Internet. Should bury the line in a couple of days, he told me.

That was a week and a half ago.

My son goes out to mow the grass, and lo and behold, beneath the tall grass on top of the ground is the Internet cable. He doesn't see it and severs it with the mower.

So much for flagging where the exposed cable was.

I call Mediacom. It's not going to take five days - no... it's going to take them six days to get to my place to repair it.

So now I'm in HyVee, using their public wifi.

When I asked if they would expedite it because this was their fault for a) not flagging the exposed cable, b) not burying the cable in a reasonable time frame, they say nope - can't do it.

Horrible, horrible service.

ETC: So I called around and Qwest can't give me new service until 7 days from now.

And then I called Internet Solver, but it was after-hours for them. Nonetheless, five minutes later, they called me back.

The guy on the phone said that maybe they could get me new service in three days, but then he asked: "If the line is just cut, why not repair the line yourself?"

Some people are mechanically inclined; I'm mechanically declined, I explained.

"Go to Lowes, get the tools, and you'll be up and running tonight. You'd have to be a monkey to mess this up, if a severed line is the only problem."

A trip to Lowe's and $50 spent on tools, a new flashlight, standing in the light rain - and an hour later, I have Internet at home again.

I'll call Internet Solver tomorrow to see if they can install to my home. If so, they won my business tonight.


by Brett Rogers, 6/14/2011 8:28:59 PM


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