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The Road Ahead Looks... Interesting


I'm all for shaking things up. It's healthy when it's done to reorganize and regroup.

But I have to wonder whether the new RPI chairman, Ron Paul's guy - AJ Spiker, will be able to unite the GOP in Iowa.

Some potential road blocks:

  • AJ was Ron Paul's co-chair in Iowa, and Ron Paul hasn't said that he would support the eventual nominee or even rule out a third party run.
  • Ron Paul is often down in the mouth about the GOP. Where does AJ stand?
  • Ron Paul's crew is somewhat known for not mixing too well with the GOP.
  • The RPI chair is chiefly a fundraising position. AJ's gonna have to pretty quickly establish himself as being, you know, all about the GOP.
Well done, Campaign for Liberty... you did a great job setting the stage for the election of your guy. Now, can you unite the party in Iowa, from the establishment down to the grassroots?


by Brett Rogers, 2/11/2012 10:29:47 PM


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