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Obama won the election not because he laid out a spectacular vision. He didn't.

Obama won the election not because his last four years were wonderful. They weren't.

Obama won the election for one simple reason: he promised government stuff on the backs of the rich.

And truth be told, that appeals to more Americans than actually earning a living.

I know of a local tea party leader who sat with me eighteen months ago during a discussion with Tim Pawlenty. His concern was that his contributions to social security be paid back to him.

Now there's nothing wrong with that request if his social security were kept in a separate account with his name on it, but it's not - it's part of a general fund. And it's been spent by politicians elected during his lifetime. Therefore, if there's a shortfall, it would be paid by his kids and their kids.

If some tea party folks can't see the fiscal problems of passing debt onto other generations, then we're screwed.

So I looked at this election as an IQ test. A math quiz, if you will. Do Americans understand that they can't get free stuff forever?

The resounding answer: no.

Now, I can't fix that. In fact, millions of people like me can't fix that. We tried. We were called racists and bigots and greedy and such. We ignored all of that and kept on working. But without effect. Only two states - Indiana and North Carolina - flipped to red during 2012. And Indiana elected a Democrat as its senator.

So fair enough, America. I hear you. You want your government stuff, no matter the cost to your and my children.

I work 80 hours a week for my money. America tells me that they want me to help pay for their government stuff.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am generous. I frequently give some of my work away to help a cause in which I believe or a client. I'm not stingy.

But I do want to be in control of what I choose to give. America, on the other hand, elected the candidate who admits his desire to raise my taxes.

So fair enough, America. I hear you. You want me to go along with your request to take what you didn't earn.

But I say no. I don't have to be an American when the country I love ceases to be America. So I will work harder yet to become debt-free and then move to Canada. The tax rates are roughly equal. In fact, they're actually coming down. And Canada's corporate tax rate is 15%. So I will move my business there.

I encourage others to consider where they might be free to pursue life as they would like. Me, I have determined that I don't want to live in a country run by someone of the same mien as Hugo Chavez.

For the rest of you who choose to stay:


by Brett Rogers, 11/7/2012 12:42:22 PM


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