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Ah, Politics...


Bella commented earlier that my choice of images to represent Right-Wingers and Left-Wingers was offensive. The images were in my links list in the left-side column.

Other than the proverbial donkey and elephant, what images can you select for these two polar extremes?

Right-Wingers are often labeled as "jingoistic" and as people "wrapped in the America flag." Coming from left wing folks, these aren't intended to be compliments.

Left-Wingers, on the other hand, are often seen as protesting and flag-burning, so to go with an obvious polarization, my image for the Right-Wingers was a flag waving, and for the Left-Wingers it was a flag burning.

As I posted them, I thought it was a bit over the top, but I posted it to see if anyone responded. Bella did, and took me to task for it, and rightly so (or is it leftly so??).

So for now, I've changed the images. You can scroll down to view the change. But these images are only good for the next four years, and Bella, who heralds from Iowa, is certainly pained to be portrayed as a red stater, I'm sure. The change is temporary until I can be more brilliant or be supplied with better iconic image ideas from my readers.


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Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 2/27/2005 10:12:13 PM


Wow! I got mentioned by name! How will I keep the paparazzi at bay? Actually, I was pondering the question of what good symbols for the sides there were, and the whole red state/blue state thing did come to mind--great minds think alike, you know. Actually, I also thought maybe a picture of Rush Limbaugh for the right and Michael Moore for the left would be fun, just because they are two extreme, obnoxious loud mouthed guys who seem to think they speak (irrationally and often offensively) for their respective sides, but who's respective sides often wish they didn't .

I'll try to think of other original iconic images, but thanks for listening to the audience!



Posted by Bella, 2/28/2005 10:05:15 AM

And thank you for pushing back and helping me see that I was wrong... the site is better for it.

Rush and Moore... Rushmoore? You know, maybe I could replace the heads of 3 great presidents and the 1 guy who happened to be president at the time with people that the right and the left would like to see on that mountain. A right-wing Mount Rushmore and a left-wing Mount Rushmore.

How about this for the right version:

Reagan, Bush, Limbaugh, and Roger Ailes.

And the left version:

Clinton, Clinton, Moore, and Dan Rather.

I do my own graphics here (see Howard Dean and Condi Rice), so perhaps I could pull this off...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 2/28/2005 3:44:50 PM

Smart butt. There's hardly need for Clinton twice. How 'bout FDR, Clinton, Moore and Dan...actually, skip the reporters. I'm sure you can come up with two more republicans and I can come up with two more democrats if you want to do the Rushmore thing....



Posted by Bella, 2/28/2005 11:14:30 PM

lol - you didn't like Clinton & Clinton? How about Dean?

I'll kick it around... so you like the idea? Certainly better than my first idea.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 2/28/2005 11:49:17 PM

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