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Remember when the left was all up in arms about the Patriot Act and spying on Americans?

What say you now, oh civil rights fighter?

Glenn Greenwald reports on secret court order, issued in April, which compelled one of the nationís largest telecom providers to hand over daily call logs to the federal government. The information did not include actual content of conversations, but it included everything but.
So you, me, and many who are part of Verizon's network were (and are) being watched by the government without a warrant and without our knowledge.

The tyrant in the White House doesn't give one crap about your rights as an American. He uses the IRS to target political opponents. More Americans killed in Afghanistan under him than Bush. Spying on the American people.

He's an asshole. You elected him, and you did it mostly without knowledge or care of who he is. He speaks well. The press, 96% leftie, fawns over him. It felt like good style to say that you voted for him. And that he violates every principle you claim to hold dear doesn't matter to you. You'd vote for him again.

Here he is, in all his hypocritical glory.

If you voted for this claptrap, you're desperately ignorant. You're in the ranks of the low information voter.

by Brett Rogers, 6/6/2013 6:35:33 AM


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